History of Bielska Gallery BWA

Bielska Gallery BWA has been a municipal art gallery in Bielsko-Biala maintained from the public funds. Located in the building, which was established in 1960 at the initiative of the local environment as an artistic exhibition pavilion.  The building itself was built on the ruins of an old synagogue, which was burnt down in 1939.

The history of the gallery is linked to the activities of the Artists Pavilion in the 1960's, where all city artistic life was focused. From 1975 - 1993 it functioned as an Artistic Exhibitions Bureau. Low-floor pavilion was expanded in 1989 and enlarged with a large, upper hall and a cafeteria, stores and offices. Gallery currently has two exhibition halls with an area of 150 and 250 m2, an audiovisual room and artistic club „Aquarium". The name "Bielska Gallery BWA" was established in 1994 after taking over the institution by the local government of Bielsko-Biala city.
Gallery promotes and disseminates contemporary art.

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