Katarzyna Ewa Legendź - Retrogradation of Saturn

26 September - 28 October, 2018
Café Club Aquarium


The melancholy of the Icelandic fjord and the perceptible movements of the planet - photographic zines of the Krakow-based artist. 

"Saturn was retro-gradated from 6 April to 25 August, thus affecting a host of astrological principles, structures, foundations and traditions. Retro-gradation of Saturn is a period in which one can re-evaluate, consolidate and rebuild projects related to these areas of human life. Now is the time when it might be difficult to implement new large projects, which are likely to become little more than a source of unwelcome stress - retro-gradation is the time to save energy and enjoy a simple life. One can experience a sense of heaviness, the level of motivation changes constantly, along with how energy levels and time constraints change.

The development of the project took me more than ten weeks - the time which coincided with Saturn's retro-gradation. While living in a caravan in the middle of the Icelandic fjord, I felt the movements of the planets very strongly. The photographs were inspired by Susan Sontag's essay on Walter Benjamin which can be found in the collection Under the Sign of Saturn.  I was particularly intrigued in how the description of his melancholy disposition resonated with mine."

Katarzyna Ewa Legendź


Katarzyna Ewa Legendź, Retro-gradation of Saturn, 2017, photographic pigment printing, photographic zin.


Katarzyna Ewa Legendź, Retro-gradation of Saturn, 2017, photographic pigment printing, photographic zin.


Katarzyna Ewa Legendź, Retro-gradation of Saturn, 2017, photographic pigment printing, photographic zin.

Katarzyna Ewa Legendź - born in 1988 in Bielsku-Białej. PhD student at the Faculty of Arts at the Pedagogical University of Kraków, degree in Photography at the Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School in Łódź; lecturer at the Academy of Photography in Kraków. She has participated in national group exhibitions, her works have been published in Polish and foreign press. The winner of the Director's Award in the Show yourself in the Contemporary Art Centre at the CSW Znaki Czasu in Toruń in 2018. Currently involved in publishing design, she forms the conceptual and designing core of the Paper Beats Rock publishing house - vice president of the board since 2016. In PBR she also deals with educational work. The publications she designs for international collections have been nominated for the Photographic Publication of the Year, shown at the Athens Photo Festival and the Istanbul Photobook Festival. She is interested in social performances, relationships between waste, margins and negative space with the renaissance of minimalism and the experience of femininity. 

Selected exhibitions:

2018 - Wystaw się w CSW!, CSW Znaki Czasu, Toruń

2017 - REstart, Galeria Wydziału Sztuki Uniwersytetu Pedagogicznego, Kraków

2017 - Ufo Visual Lab, Szara Kamienica, Kraków

2017 - ZGRZYTanie, ArtZona, Kraków

2010 - Some Things Visible and Invisible, Galerie des Polnischen Instituts Düsseldorf

2009 - Sensitive Focus, Galeria Szyb Wilsona, as part of the Kraków Photography Week, Katowice

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Vernissage: Wednesday, 26 September, 2018, 6 pm.

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