Wednesday, 10 January 2018:
- 4.30 pm - a speech by Marek Grygiel on Adam Rzepecki's work
- 6 pm - vernissage
- concert inspired by Joanna Oparek's poem, music by Joachim Mencel


Paintings, objects, videos, photographs. Works from 2015-2017 by the artist known as a co-founder and member of the legendary art group Łódź Kaliska. For several years, the group's greatest mocker has been engaged in the creation of individual works inspired by personal experience in the area of boundaries between light and shadow, life and death, freedom and incarceration.

Agata Smalcerz, curator of the exhibition.


Adam Rzepecki, Natura morte, 2015, drawing, collage



Adam Rzepecki, Natura morte, 2015, drawing, collage

"When my contacts with Łódź Kaliska became more loose, I began to delve deep into subjects which have always interested me. After all, working in a group of five artists who always had to reach a compromise and work out a common idea meant that each of us had to give up a part his individuality in favour of a common creation. I thought it's time for me to create works which will make me happy; no matter if they are successful or not, good or bad, stupid or wise. I do it primarily for myself, that's why contact with nature has become such a strong element of my work. I travel to derive inspiration from nature. I draw its shadows and try to seize their essence - if such a thing is possible."

(an excerpt from an interview entitled Rules are to be broken. Dobromiła Błaszczyk talks to Adam Rzepecki, Marcin Gierat and Piotrem Lutyński)


Adam Rzepecki


 Adam Rzepecki (born in 1950 in Kraków) -  performer, sculptor, installation artist, photographer, filmmaker. He studied art history at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. In the early 1980s, he co-founded Kultura Zrzuty - a nationwide alternative movement of young artists which marked out the "third way" in the then bipolar political and social situation.



Wednesday, 10 January 2018:
- 4.30 pm - Objectivity of the Means of Visual Bombardment - a speech by by Marek Grygel about the work of Adam Rzepecki.


- 6 pm - vernissage
including a koncert entitled Grubs. On Life, Love and Death inspired by a poem by Joanna Oparek, Joachim Mencel on hurdy-gurdy 

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