Collection of the Malopolska Foundation for Contemporary Art Collection - 13th Exhibition

Friday, 30 June, 2017:
5 pm - curated tour
6 pm - vernissage, performance


Presentation of selected works from the collection of more than 450 works of the Museum of Contemporary Art Museum in Małopolska. The Foundation has been compiling its collection since 2005 - an initiative which follows the National Program of Culture "Signs of Time" focused on the creation of new collections of regional contemporary art.


Wilhelm Sasnal,Untitled (railway), 2004


Marcin Maciejowski, To ja go poślę na deski, 2000


The Malopolska collection is perceived as a significant brand. This is due in part to its original profile, which has been persistently implemented despite changing circumstances. The assumed idea is to collect art work created after 1989. From the very beginning, the collection has been aimed at documenting important phenomena in the contemporary art of Małopolska, Poland and the rest of Central and Eastern Europe. In addition to Polish artists, you can find works from Belarus, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary and Ukraine.

This particular and distinct geographic-historical feature is revealed in the collection through works pertaining to post-totalitarian experience and memory (eg. in paintings by Ukrainian painter Sergey Chayka and the Hungarian Little Warsaw group, to name but a few selected examples), post-communist aesthetics in the photographs by Krzysztof Zieliński and the duo Aneta Grzeszykowska and Jan Smaga) or the history of modernity (in the work of Grzegorz Sztwiertnia referring to neoplasticism, in "modern" drawings by Monika Szwed or prints by David Maljković from Croatia) or memory (work by Mirosław Balka based on a floor board from Foksal Gallery). The educational values of the collection are based on good representation of traditional media (drawing, painting, sculpture) and newer means of expression (video, object, installation, digital photography).

The collection is shown in fragments, starting from Tarnów, where it has been permanently exhibited since late 2013, and moving on to other exhibitions in Poland and abroad.

The exhibition at Galeria Bielska BWA is curated by Jan Trzupek - an art historian, author of numerous exhibitions and critical texts on contemporary art; President of the Malopolska Foundation Museum of Contemporary Art. 

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The exhibition runs until 27August, 2017.

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