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The exhibition Painting of Uncertainty presents large works by Dora Hara, which the artist calls membranes. A dozen or so monumental paintings on silk, which were created between 2014 and 2017, will be hung in the upper exhibition room in Galeria Bielska BWA; Among them Insight, for which Dora Hara received the third prize at the 9th International Biennale of Fabric Art "From Lausanne to Beijing" in 2016 in China. The theme was inspired by the raindrops flowing down a window pane in a nameless city - giant water drops reflect and absorb the surrounding artificial light, creating a rainbow abstraction.

The walls of the room will be hung with the artist's oil paintings on canvas and paper, providing a counterpoint.

The title of the exhibition evokes undefined phenomena related to the relativity of the reception of painting values. The concept of "uncertainty" is derived from quantum physics.


Dora Hara, Insight/Wgląd, 2016, membrana, 220 x 280 cm, fragment

"The artist has for years been painting on silk, which she treats like membranes stretched on large metal frames. She paints with watercolours on thin, non-primed material, whose transparency enables her to obtain the effect of smooth colour transition. The artist exhibits her light shiny silks, freed from the frames, and showing multicoloured, decisive compositions. Sensitive to every movement of the air, they undergo constant, if slight, changes of form."

Agata Smalcerz - curator



Dora Hara, from the cycle Whispering membranes, fragment


Dora Hara, from the cycle Whispering membranes, fragment


Dora Hara was born in 1969 in Gdynia. She graduated from the Higher School of Applied Arts in Poznań, degree under the supervision of Professor Wojciech Sadley in 2004. She works as an associate professor in the Social Sciences Academy in Łódź.

Her artistic pursuits include painting, multimedia projects, and painting installations. She specializes in silk, oil and water painting.

She has participated in a number of international artistic events, her works have been shown in Italy, Japan, China, Uruguay, Mexico, France, USA, Poland. Winner of the Participant of the Biennale of Painting "Bielska Jesień" in Galeria Bielska BWA. She has been invited to many international art circles to present art and to the jury of competitions. She is the official representative of the World Textile Art Organization in Poland.



The exhibition runs from 11 May to 18 June, 2017.

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