"Odejście" - 9. Curated Exhibition of Bielska Jesień 2016

28 October - 26 December 2016


The exhibition presents paintings by contemporary Polish artists which are selected by a curator appointed in a competition. Held since 2000, the exhibition is on view every two years, alternately with the painting biennale. It aims to address a chosen painting issue as represented by accomplished and well-known artists. The curated exhibitions of Bielska Jesień often explore the perimeters and boundaries of painting whilst presenting artwork which often departs from the traditional medium.

Jagna Domżalska and Wojciech Kozłowski, photo: gallery archive

2016 marks the ninth exhibition entitled "Odejście" and curated by Jagna Domżalska and Wojciech Kozłowski. The participants are 13 artists of different ages and from different parts of Poland; some of them are world-renowned, such as Leon Tarasewicz and Tomasz Ciecierski, others young beginners. The idea of the curators is to present the attitudes of some painters who have decided to move away from the traditional approach to painting in favour of objects, process works, and even video, but at the same time preserved sensitivity to colour, light and texture.

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