vernissage: Thursday, 23 June, 6 pm


This is the subsequent exhibition showing the works from the Art Collection of Galeria Bielska BWA.

Curated by Agata Smalcerz in 2010, the previous large exhibition entitled 50 Paintings featured two-dimensional works, including paintings, prints and photographs. That exhibition, marking fifty years since the foundation of the gallery, showed the works by various artists associated with Galeria Bielska BWA - those who have presented here their solo exhibitions or participated in collective exhibitions - all of them are well known in the region and have made a major impact on the local artistic environment.

In 2012, the gallery presented the latest work purchased at the exhibition, entitled Art Collection - Latest Acquisitions.


Robert Bubel, Tertium non datur, 2014, olej, płótno, 75x85 cm, Kolekcja Sztuki Galerii Bielskiej BWA


Since the jubilee exhibition, the gallery collection has grown by 350 new pieces, currently totalling 904. A significant percentage of these art works has been donated by artists, and another substantial part purchased with the funds of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage within the Regional Collections of Contemporary Art programme. For the last few years, the gallery has also continued to acquire sponsors offering to finance the purchase of specific works to be included in the collection. These are primarily paintings by the finalists of the "Bielska Jesień" biennale.

The gallery will show the latest works in the collection, including paintings, sculptures, prints and photographs, which have been either purchased or donated during the last five years.


The exhibition will run from 23 June to 28 August 2016.

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