Isa of the Forest - CIRCLES

Cafe Club Aquarium
vernissage: Thursday, 23 June, 7 pm


Isa of the Forest is the pseudonym of an artist who creates paintings called Circles - according to what they represent. Painted with the use of oil technique on a specially primed surface, they are a record of emotions expressed in colour. In addition to their high decorative value, they are rich in the symbolism of the circle - a perfect figure.


Iza z Lasu, Kólka, olej, płótno, sklejka, śr. 36 cm


While describing her work, the artist chose the following definition from The Dictionary of Symbols by Władysław Kopaliński:

"(...) The circle is a symbol of the cosmos; infinity, eternity, absolute, excellence, perfect shape, balance, inner unity and harmony of matter, unity of time, regularity, continuity, ideal perpetual motion, rotation, accuracy, completeness, cyclical existences; heaven; the sun; the element of water; the circle of existence, the soul, the spiritual element; the I, return to the self; feminine principle; protection against demons; coin (...)"


Iza z Lasu, Kółka, olej, płótno, sklejka, śr. 50 cm


The exhibition runs from 23 June to 28 August 2016.

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Thursday, 23 June 2016, start at 6 pm


Programme includes:
- 6 pm - opening of the exhibition Works from the Art Collection of Galeria Bielska BWA
- 7 pm - opening of the exhibition Circles by Isa of the Forest (Café Club Aquarium)
- surprise concert (free admission)

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