The exhibition opens at 7 pm on Friday, 2 January, 2015 


This is an exhibition of installations and objects, which create optical illusions and are based on the knowledge of optics and mathematics as well as of human irrationality. Present here are two main trends visible in all the previous works of Leszek Lewandowski: in those using the one-way mirror, such as Macewa, Passage, Memento, Coffin Portrait, Little House, Canal, and Homage Hawking, and in the newest ones: Sewer and One Shot, One Man - both to be premiered in Galeria Bielska BWA - and the quasi-hallucinogenic Room of Confessions, Imaginoscope and Merry-go-round.

Leszek Lewandowski, Macewa, 2006, mirrors, lamps, plywood


Leszek Lewandowski, Homage Hawking, 2012, mirrors, lamps


Leszek Lewandowski, Room of Confessions, 2002, video, sofa

Marta Raczek says this about the artist: "This is the power of art: to be able to create and test parallel worlds, to be able to consider an infinite number of options, and to be able to see an infinite number of incidents. Thus understood, and due to its particular visual language, art becomes a tool of knowledge as precise and as neutral as mathematics or physics are. Like Italo Calvino, Lewandowski starts from rational rules of mathematics and physics and leads us into the world of fantasy, illusion and marvelousness, which are not without scientific elements."

Leszek Lewandowski was born in 1960 in Świerklaniec. Honor's Degree from the Katowice Department of Graphics of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków in 1988; PhD from the University of Arts in Poznań in 2011. He lectures on Intermedia at the Department of Sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. His works can be found in numerous Polish and foreign museums and art galleries as well as in private collections. The artist has held 35 solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group ones at home and abroad. He is involved in activities promoting art and cultural events. In the years 1992-1998 he ran Galeria Kronika in Bytom and in 1998-2012 - Galeria Sektor 1 of the Upper-Silesia Culture Center in Katowice. At present Galeria Sektor 1 operates in Teatr Sztuk, the Culture Centre in Jaworzno and Leszek Lewandowski co-runs it with Monika Lewandowska.


The exhibition will be open until 30 January, 2015


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