____________________________________________________________________________8 January - 2 February
Vernissage 7 January, 7 pm,
Masters of Craftsmanship. Contemporary Polish Drawing
The exhibition will be the largest review in years of contemporary Polish drawing, featuring a variety of exquisite techniques and revealing all the possible aspects of the art of drawing, represented by both young and old Polish artists working in Poland and abroad.
Polish draughtsmen have truly consolidated their position in Europe - a fact exemplified by numerous solo exhibitions and equally numerous awards in the world's largest biennale and triennale of drawing.
Presenting works by forty or so artists, the exhibition will be curated by Paweł Warchoł - an accomplished artist and winner of numerous awards in drawing competitions all over the world.
The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of workshops held every day by artists participating in an exhibition called Drawing Workshops.

6 February - 2 March
vernissage: 5 February, 7 pm
Tamara Berdowska - Painting and Objects
An exhibition of paintings and drawings created in the last few years by one of the most renowned representatives of geometric abstraction, currently living and working in Bielsko-Biała. The starting point for these monochromatic paintings and spatial objects is invariably a geometric drawing which is then treated with colour and light. The artist uses a variable colour temperature, thus obtaining the effect of pulsing of the painting surface and the illusion of "crossing beyond the material dimension." Similarly, her spatial drawings, where reality viewed through the transparent foil of which they are made plays the same role as the colour in her paintings - it changes, overlaps the drawing, and gives the geometric form an ephemeral and fleeting nature, thus producing an oblique statement.

6 February - 2 March
vernissage 5 February, 7.30 pm
Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013
An immensely popular exhibition of award-winning photographs in the competition Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013, which has been jointly organised by the BBC Wildlife Magazine and the Natural History Museum in London since 1964. Shown all over the world, the exhibition will appear for the twelfth time in Poland, and for the eleventh time in Bielsko-Biała.

8 March - 6 April
vernissage 7 March, 6 pm
Andrzej Baturo - 50 Years of Photography
Meeting with Andrzej Baturo led by Inez Baturo: Friday, 7 March, 7 pm
A retrospective exhibition of works by this eminent Polish photographic artist, spanning the period between 1962, which marks Andrzej Baturo's debut, and the late 20th century. Divided into three parts, the exhibition shows the photographic cycles, projects and documentaries which best exemplify each period of the artist's oeuvre. You will see his early fascinations with art photography and documentary photography of the 1950s and ‘60s, his mature press photos of the ‘70s and ‘80s which brought him numerous awards in Poland and abroad, and the latest period in Bielsko-Biała which brought colourful landscape photography.
Baturo typically expresses himself through a series of photographs, each performing the same function as a documentary, a feature article, or an essay. He has published his works in top Polish illustrated magazines and received numerous awards for his creative work. Making mostly black-and-white photographs he is regarded as an outstanding representative of the so-called black documentary.
Andrzej Baturo was born in Vilnius, 1940. He is an active member of the Union of Polish Photographic Artists and organiser of numerous Polish and international photographic events, including the pioneering Review of Sociological Photography (first held in 1980), and the Photo Art Festival held in Bielsko-Biała since 2005 (director-general).

17 May - 8 June
vernissage 17 May, 7 pm
Radical Performance in Poland. Neo Avant-Garde and Kultura Zrzuty
Curator: Max Hexer
The exhibition will feature works by Jerzy Bereś, Zbigniew Warpechowski and Krzysztof Zarębski, all acquired in 2013 for the Art Collection of Galeria Bielska BWA thanks to a subsidy from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, as well as those by artists, such as Jacek Kryszkowski, Zbigniew Libera, Jerzy Truszkowski and Zbyszek Trzeciakowski, representing Neo - Avant-Garde and Kultura Zrzuty - two important trends in the Polish art of the 1970s and ‘80s. Many of these works will be exhibited for the first time. Also on show, the complete print-run of 120 and 200 copies of the underground manually typeset art magazine Tango - courtesy of Max Hexer, and a series of photographs by Zygmunt Rytka, showing major events in the history of Kultura Zrzuty.
The Museums Night on 17/18.May will feature a number of performances by Zbigniew Warpechowski and Krzysztof Zarębski.


17 May - 15 June
Magic of the Puppet. An exhibition of stage props of the Puppet Theatre Banialuka accompanying the 26th International Festival of Puppetry Art (21-25 May 2014)
An exhibition of visual forms and costumes used in the plays which have been shown by the Puppet Theate Banialuka in Bielsko-Biała within the last decade. The works on display have been made by a number of accomplished Polish and foreign artists, including: Eva Farkašová, Joanna Braun, Danuta Kierc, Zofia de Ines, Pavel Hubička and Mikołaj Malesza - all cooperating with the theatre for years.
Some of these props are no longer shown on stage. This exhibition will revive, if only for a brief moment, some of the more interesting, and often award-winning props and costumes.

28 June - 31 August
vernissage: 28 Jun, 7 pm
Third Festival of Visual Arts in Bielsko-Biała
Once again, the festival presents artistic circles of Bielsko-Biała and the region. The tradition of the so-called art circle exhibitions dates back to the first months after the War. Thus, September 1945 marked the first Painting Exhibition held in the local Sułkowski Castle, which showed works by artist who had received their education during the interim period between the two World Wars. In the subsequent years such exhibitions were organised by the Association of Polish Visual Artists (ZPAP). Currently, the festival is open for both ZPAP members and independent artists. The works are displayed in both gallery rooms and open public spaces. The opening of the exhibition will coincide with the Twin City Festival. Organisers: Galeria Bielska BWA, the Museum of Bielsko-Biała.

October - November
Non-Views. On Landscape in a Modern Way
Curated Exhibition of "Bielska Jesień"
curator: Jolanta Ciesielska
The eighth exhibition of contemporary Polish painting "Bielska Jesień," which is held alternately with the Painting Biennale every two years. The curator, Jolanta Ciesielska, has suggested that this time the theme of landscape painting be broadened. This time the exhibition will not only focus on the modern perception of sensual and observed landscape, but will also include examples of metaphysical, surreal, reconstructed and bodily landscape., The artists, such as Paweł Matyszewski, Rafał Borcz, Artur Trojanowski, Józef Czerniawski and Marcin Zawicki each represent their own original language of expression and their works are appreciated by both painting connoisseurs and art collectors in Poland and abroad.

*The dates are liable to change.
For updated information about the times and dates of exhibitions check


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