The 41st Painting Biennale “BIELSKA JESIEŃ 2013”

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Bielska Jesień LogoThe 41st Painting Biennale "Bielska Jesień 2013"
under the honorary auspices of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage
9 November - 29 December 2013




MKiDN logo  The 41st Painting Biennale "Bielska Jesień 2013"

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Grand Prix for Ewa Juszkiewicz from Gdańsk

Friday, 8 November marked the announcement of the results of the 41st Painting Biennale "Bielska Jesień" in Galeria Bielska BWA. Funded by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, the Grand Prix (PLN 25,000) was unanimously awarded Ewa Juszczyk for her two stylized portraits - Girl in Blue and Untitled / According to Rogier van der Weyden.


          Ewa Juszkiewicz, Girl in Blue       Ewa Juszkiewicz, Untitled / According to Rogier van der Weyden

Born in Gdańsk, the young artist studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk where she received a degree in Painting under Professor Maciej Śmieszewski in 2009. Her works had already attracted the attention of art critics and viewers alike during the previous biennale in 2011 when her portrait Grzeczna Uczennica (Well-Mannered Schoolgirl) won her an honourable mention from the magazine Art & Business. This time, Ewa Juszkiewicz received an honourable mention from the art magazine Format. The artist is preoccupied with the portrayal of the female figure in different periods, especially with the cultural and social patterns reflected in portraits of women throughout the history of art.

The Second Prize of the Marshal of the Province of Silesia (PLN 20,000) went to Ewa Skarper, also from Gdańsk - an artist with a degree from the National College of Visual Arts in Gdańsk (1980). Her two award-winning paintings, Gloria w Fabryce Misiów (Gloria in a Teddy Bear Factory) and Gloria nie boi się krwi (Gloria is not Afraid of Blood), capture a group of individuals who appear to be posing for photographs in rather unusual circumstances. These portraits emanate a unique, dark and mysterious aura which combines the literal with the highly symbolic.

The Third Prize of the Mayor of Bielsko-Biała (PLN 5,000) was awarded Konrad Maciejewicz from Warsaw for his three works from the cycle Afrodit. These are exquisite compositions consisting of thousands of scraps from full-colour Polish magazines which date back to the communist era. A mixture of painting, reproduction and collage, the work evokes dark and obsessive themes focusing on fear, obsession and death.

The winners of the four statutory awards (PLN 2,000 each) are: Bartosz Kokosiński (funded by Galeria Bielska BWA), Karolina Komorowska (funded by Grupa LOTOS SA), Remigiusz Suda (funded by POLMOTORS Sp. z o.o.) i Marcin Zawicki (funded by PRO Spółka z  o.o.).

The jury gave high marks to the 42 finalists of the Bielska Jesień for their painting styles and techniques, stressing the distinctive character of the award-winning works, and the strong representation of surreal paintings inspired by old schools of painting. The jurors rewarded those paintings which skilfully, and often masterfully, combine various narrations which are filled with references, quotations, symbols and densities - paintings representing quality craftsmanship and powerful means of expression.

The list of winners also includes a number of artists who received an honourable mention from the media patrons of the biennale. They are Kamila Kuźnicka, Art & Business; Rafał Borcz, and the daily Gazeta Wyborcza, Małgorzata Szymankiewicz, Notes na 6 Tygodni, and a couple of artists who had also won awards from the jury, namely Ewa Juszkiewicz who received an honourable mention from Format magazine, and Bartosz Kokosiński with an honourable mention from the editorial teams of three art magazines: Artluk, Exit and Obieg.




Visitors to the gallery are welcome to vote for the most interesting painting by the finalists of "Bielska Jesień 2013". The competition is open until the final day of the exhibition.
The voters are asked to fill in the competition coupon. After the closure of the exhibition, selected voters will receive an invitation the vernissage in January and a free copy of the catalogue devoted to "Bielska Jesień 2013."
We kindly invite you to visit the exhibition and choose your best work.



Final desicion of the jury
The exhibition will feature 78 works by 42 artists

The jury of the 41st Painting Biennale "Bielska Jesień 2013" convened on 5-6 October 2013 in Galeria Bielska BWA to assess the original works which entered the competition.

By virtue of the jury's opinion the exhibition crowning the competition will feature 78 works by 42 artists.


The jury who convened on 5 - 6 October 2013


The jury who convened on 5 - 6 October 2013


The jury who convened on 5 - 6 October 2013


List of artists who qualified for the exhibition:

Justyna Adamczyk

Natalia Bażowska

Rafał Borcz

Remigiusz Borda

Aleksandra Bujnowska

Piotr Butkiewicz

Monika Chlebek

Rafał Czępiński

Paweł Dunal

Tomasz Gągała

Agnieszka Gębska

Bartłomiej Górny

Dora Hara

Ewa Juszkiewicz

Bartosz Kokosiński

Karolina Komorowska

Piotr Korol

Aleksandra Kowalczyk

Kamila Kuźnicka

Magdalena Laskowska

Agata Leszczyńska

Konrad Maciejewicz

Paweł Matyszewski

Monika Mysiak

Zofia Nierodzińska

Igor Przybylski

Urszula Przyłucka

Katarzyna Rogoża

Małgorzata Rozenau

Ewa Skaper

Justyna Smoleń

Kamil Stańczak

Irmina Staś

Remigiusz Suda

Małgorzata Szymankiewicz

Marcin Szymielewicz

Weronika Teplicka

Maja Wilchelm

Rafał Wilk

Marcin Zawicki

Bartłomiej Żukowski

Małgorzata Żurada


Agnieszka Piotrowska


List of qualified works with descriptions >>

Members of the jury who convened on 5 - 6 October 2013:

Paweł Jarodzki - artist, curator in Galeria Awangarda BWA Wrocław - Contemporary Art Galleries, professor at the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, chairman of the jury,
Kamil Kuskowski - artist, curator, dean at the Faculty of New Media and Painting of the Academy of Art in Szczecin, professor ordinarius (winner of the Grand Prix at the 39th Painting Biennalle "Bielska Jesień 2009",
Anna Nawrot - artist and curator, running Galeria Biała in Lublin since 1985,
Piotr Rypson - art critic, curator, publicist, deputy director of the National Museum in Warsaw,
Agata Smalcerz - art historian and critic, curator, director of Galeria Bielska BWA

Grażyna Cybulska - curator of the competition (with no right to vote), Galeria Bielska BWA
Lucyna Wylon - minutes secretary, Galeria Bielska BWA


During the second online voting Internet users were asked to select the best work from among 120 paintings which had qualified for the second stage of the 41st Painting Biennale "Bielska Jesień 2013" . The voters chose works by 18 artists, and the winner was "Gravitational Painting XXXVII" by Piotr Korol from Lublin.


“Gravitational Painting XXXVII” by Piotr Korol

The votes were sent from 8 July to 4 October 2013 to the e-mail address created especially for this purpose.


Agnieszka Piotrowska was the winner of the online voting for the most interesting artist who had sent his or her works to "Bielska Jesień 2013".

The first stage of the competition included a six-week online exhibition of the works sent to "Bielska Jesień 2013", available at , during which Internet users voted for the most interesting artist.
There were a total of 48,966 voters casting their votes between 16 May and 29 June 2013. The winner, Agnieszka Piotrowska whose work garnered 3,079 votes, has freshly graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice.
The winning artist is awarded the opportunity to send a set of their works to the organizers who select one work to be presented during the post-competition exhibition.

The organizers had five entries to choose from, and their choice fell on the painting entitled Euphorbia, 2011, oil on canvas, 130 x 150 cm.


Agnieszka Piotrowska, Euphorbia, 2011, oil on canvas, 130 x 150 cm.


The exhibition will run until 29 December 2013.

Curator of the 41st Painting Biennale "Bielska Jesień 2013" - Grażyna Cybulska


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