BEYOND TIME 2013 - Artist-in-Residence program

Artists invited for Beyond Time 2013 Artist-in-Residence program:

Awer (Italy)

Alessandro di Massimo (Italy)

Mari Ota (Japan)

Paulina Mellado (Chile)

Sina Boroumandi (Iran)



Bielsko-Biała is now hosting the third international art residency "Beyond Time/Poza czasem". For this occasion visual artists from all over the world have been asked to send their own site-specific projects focusing on the unique character and history of Bielsko-Biała, as well as on their personal impressions of the places they feel attached to. This year has seen a record number of applications with artists from forty-one countries sending 103 projects. Out of this enormous pool of candidates only five artists have qualified for this year's residency programme. They are: Awer from Italy, Mari Ota from Japan, Paulina Mellado from Chile, Alessandro di Massimo from Italy and Sina Boroumandi from Iran.
They now have two months to do research and develop their individual projects reflecting the theme of the residency. In addition to exhibiting their works in Galeria Bielska BWA, the artists-in-residence will be given an opportunity to develop their own site specific projects in the city's public spaces, and also to suggest activities and workshops aimed at engaging the local community.

Lecture presentation the 5th of July; Iza Ołdak  Curator  and Sima Boroumandi - Artist


Mari Ota working in the gallery


Alessandro di Massomo's work in the skatepark in Pszczyna


Awer's work in Pszczyna


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Beyond Time/Poza czasem 2013 - schedule of events:

*5 July - meeting with artists-in-residence, presentation of their works - photo report >>

*9 August, 7 pm - opening of the exhibition featuring works created during the residency

*13 August - camera obscura - a photographic workshop run by Sina Boroumandi

*23 August, 6 pm - residency conclusion - summary of events followed by a public art tour 

Previous editions of „Beyond Time":
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This edition is co-financed with the budget of Municipality of Bielsko-Biała.


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