Artist in Residence: Beyond Time

Selected artists for the "Beyond Time 2012" Artist in Residence program:

Winston Lau (China/UK)

Kostas Tzimoulis (Greece)

Olliemoonsta: Naza del Rosal & Juan Rico "Chinorko" (Spain)


Bielska Gallery BWA
ul. 3 Maja 11
43-300 Bielsko-Biała, Poland

Art director: Agata Smalcerz
Curator: Izabela Ołdak
Coordinator: Justyna Łabądź

Contact person: Izabela Ołdak
phone: 0048 506338954

Duration of the residency:  July-August 2012
Deadline: 29 February 2012
Disciplines: Public art, no media preferences
Language: Polish/ English
Location - Bielsko-Biała city and Targowo in Mazury region.
Outcome: Exhibition in the public space, Workshop, Lecture presentation
Paid by host: Accommodation, promotion, technical help, internet, travel costs to Targowo, use the library.
Paid by artist: Living and travel expenses, insurance, personal needs.

Public art: Beyond Time
We are happy to announce a second edition of the Artist In Residence program. Selected artists from around the world working in the field of visual arts will create a site-specific work, an intervention in the public space of the Bielsko-Biała city.
During 2 months artists will have the time and chance to research, develop and make an art project in the public space which will relate to the subject of the residency in response to the environment, the landscape and to the history of the city.

Plein-Air Workshop: Power of Art and Nature
Besides the opportunity of showing work in a public space of Bielsko-Biała city, selected artists will have an opportunity to participate in an art workshop organized in Targowo in the Mazury region (200km to the north from Warsaw).  The place is owned by Polish artist, Andrzej Cisowski, a painter. The artists would be able to stay in his place for 2 weeks and make an artworks in his ancient park. The artworks could be there permanently, and create a unique art collection.

Selected artists will be asked to create a workshop to engage people, to make a lecture presentation about past projects and the artistic outcome of the stay at the residency.

Artist In Residence „Beyond Time" is organized by Bielska Gallery BWA in Bielsko-Biała. Their originator and curator is Izabela Ołdak - independent artist.

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