LOOP Exhibition by the participants of the International Art Residency "Beyond Time/Poza czasem"

vernissage: Friday, 9 August, 7 pm


LOOP is the title of an exhibition prepared by the artists participating in this year's international art residency "Beyond Time/Poza czasem", which has been organised by Galeria Bielska BWA.
At the exhibition the artists will present a whole range of different types of work, from murals, through drawings and photographs, to installations. Each of the artists will create a work representing their own interpretation of the loop theme, or further develop the theme based on everyday routines and their importunate nature, on addictions and on recurring thoughts, behaviours or events.

The artists exhibiting their works are: Awer (Italy), Sina Boroumandi (Iran), Alessandro Di Massimo (Italy), Paulina Mellado (Chile) and Mari Ota (Japan).


Awer working on mural in Bielsko-Biała


Awer working on mural in Bielsko-Biała


Mari Ota working in the gallery


Mari Ota working in the gallery


"Beyond Time/ Poza czasem 2013" has been co-organised by the Bielska Gallery Foundation.

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"Beyond Time/ Poza czasem 2013" has been co-financed from the budget of the Municipality of Bielsko-Biała.

Bielsko-Biała logo

Curator: Izabela Ołdak.
Assistance: Justyna Łabądź.

The exhibition runs from 10 August to 1 September 2013.

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