28th of November - 30th of December 2012

An exhibition of contemporary Latvian art presented under the auspices of the Ambassador of the Republic of Latvia in Poland.

28th of November - 30th of December 2012
Opening: 4pm, 27th of November, 2012



Sigita Daugule, The Door, oil on canvas, 135 x 170 cm

"Such a place - Latvia" showcases paintings and glass-art created by contemporary Latvian artists. The exhibition is organized in cooperation with Agija Sūna Art Gallery - Riga's first private art gallery - which was founded in 1992 after Latvia obtained its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

Since that time, Latvian art has evolved similarly to other democratic countries as its national art language has became more open to experimentation, new forms of expression and modern technologies. Though valuing its new creative freedoms, contemporary Latvian art maintains a strong connection with the traditional values of Latvian folklore, folk art and its general artistic heritage.

Artists participating in the exhibition:

Painting: Artūrs Akopjans, Valdis Bušs, Inta Celmiņa, Sigita Daugule, Edvards Grūbe, Madara Gulbis, Līga Jukša, Dita Lūse, Lauris Mīlbrets, Tatjana Sēmane, Māris Upzars

Glass art: Dainis Gudovskis, Bārbala Gulbe, Ramona Pēkšēna, Marta Ģibiete

Objects: Linda Kozule, Kristaps Gulbis, Pēteris Sidars

Curator (choice of the collection and artists): Agija Sūna

Curat (choice of glass artists): Bārbala Gulbe


Art Critic and the Head of the Information Centre of the Latvian Academy of Arts - Ingrīda Burāne writing  about relations between Polish and Latvian culture and about the exhibition "Such a Place - Latvia" >>>


The exhibition will be accompanied by other events promoting Latvian art and culture.

Organizers: Bielska Gallery BWA and Agija Sūna Art Gallery.
In February 2013, the exhibition will move to the Silesian Museum, Katowice.


2B WITH LATVIA - a weekend with Latvian culture and art

7th - 8th of December

Programme >>



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