Artist In Residence

application deadline:
30 April

Polish Version


Bielska Gallery BWA
ul. 3 Maja 11
43-300 Bielsko-Biała


contact person: Izabela Ołdak

phone: 0031 644023470

  • Duration:  01 June- 01 September 2011
  • Founded: 1960
  • Discipline: Visual Arts
  • Targetgroup: International

Galeria Bielska BWA  .  .



Title: Beyond time

Galeria Bielska BWA is happy to announce the first edition of Artist In Residence programme. Artists from around the world working in the field of visual arts, are kindly invited to send a proposal for a site-specific work, an intervention in the public space of the Bielsko-Biała city.

During 3 months artists will have the time and chance to research, develop and make an art project in the public space which will relate to the subject of Beyond time and to the history of the city.

Besides the opportunity of showing your work in a public space Galeria Bielska BWA will include the digital presentation of the works made during the residency in the exhibition 1st of September. The event will include a show of an old photographs of the city (downstairs hall) and an individual exhibition of an artist Kamil Kuskowski, a winner in last Painting Biennale "Bielska Jesień" (upstairs hall).

17th of June is the opening of  the Bielski Festival of Visual Arts (Bielski Festiwal Sztuk Wizualnych) organized by the Gallery. It would be the best opportunity to see works of artists working in this region, to participate the cultural events related to the festival, to meet and exchange experiences with the participants.

Bielska Gallery BWA has been a municipal art gallery in Bielsko-Biala maintained from the public funds. Located in a building, which was established in 1960 by the initiative of the local environment as an artistic exhibition pavilion.  The building itself was built on the ruins of an old synagogue, which was burnt down in 1939. Gallery currently has two exhibition halls with an area of 150 and 250 m2, an audiovisual room and artistic club „Aquarium". It is a place which promotes and disseminates contemporary art.


Paid by host


The Gallery provides two apartments, living room, fully furnished with kitchen and bathroom (in total about 80m²)  

ul. 3 Maja 7
43-300 Bielsko- Biała

Paid by artist

Travel expenses, materials, food, personal needs.


City of Bielsko-Biala was established on 1 January 1951 from the merger of two towns lying on opposite sides of the Biała ( White) River on the border of two Polish historical regions: Silesia and Małopolska surrounded by Beskidy mountains. Therefore, both centers have a distinct history, however, already from the nineteenth century throught the development of industry,these cities started to merge, mainly in economical and social development.

 According to the legends  Bielsko was founded by Slavs. Since the sixteenth century it became the property of Hungary, Austria and Germany. Until the Second World War the city inhabited mostly German and Jewish populations. Bielsko and Biała were known from religious tolerance and extremely rich wool and textile industry. Nowadays Bielsko-Biała lost its former glory and it is developing mainly in the commercial system.

The closest airport is in Katowice (optimally Kraków airport) with very good train connection to Bielsko-Biała.


April 30

Application Criteria

Artists must be active in the field of contemporary art with an interest in exploration and production of a site-specific work which will refer to the history of the city and will be placed in the public space in Bielsko- Biała.

Invited artists must be able to engage in joint activities during their stay, be able to interact with other artists and have some English-language capabilities.

How to apply

Please send the project proposal, CV/Statement  (maximum 3 A4 pages) and portfolio (preferred format: Pdf )- in Polish or English via e-mail to the project coordinator Izabela Ołdak, e-mail: before 30th of April.

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